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Become a foster family! Call 877.380.4376


The process of becoming a foster family may vary slightly depending on a family’s unique situation, but the steps below provide an overall guideline of what you can expect.

  1. Speak with one of Aspiranet's Family Coordinators, who are here to discuss the process in more detail, review the requirements, and answer your questions. You can do this by filling out the form on this page.  

  2. Take the next step and register for our parent education classes. 

  3. Complete application forms, fingerprint background clearances, and obtain your DMV driving report and CPR and First Aid certification.   

  4. Work with the local Aspiranet office to schedule family interviews and complete a family evaluation.

  5. Ensure that your home is compliant with applicable safety laws for foster and adoptive parents in the state of California. Aspiranet will provide you with resources to prepare and will complete a home environment check. 

  6. Become an approved foster family! Once you have successfully completed the steps outlined above, the Camarillo office will approve your family to begin caring for children and youth who are placed in foster care. Your social worker will partner with you to determine how to best match a child with your family and provide ongoing assistance in supporting the child, or children, in your care.

Steps to Become a Foster Family

Learn how to become a foster family with Aspiranet!


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Become a foster family! Call 877.380.4376

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