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The Aspiranet Story

Founded in 1975 with a single group home in Moss Beach outside of San Francisco, Aspiranet has become one of California’s largest and most successful social service organizations. Aspiranet is a 501 (c) (3) California nonprofit organization with the mission of providing children, youth, and families with a foundation of support so they can thrive at home, at school, and in their communities.

Aspira means hope... we are a network of passionate

professionals moving hope forward across California.

Aspiranet's History

The original group home in Moss Beach, California where Aspiranet began.

Aspiranet's Antioch Receiving Center second anniversary celebration, 1989.

Moss Beach Homes foster care and group home programs, circa 1993.

Aspiranet serves more than 35,000 California children, youth, and families each year from 44 community-based sites statewide. Aspiranet provides a spectrum of services in Northern California, Southern California, and in the Central Valley, including foster and adoption services, behavioral and mental health services, residential care, educational services, community-based family services, and emergency shelter.

Aspiranet's Vision

Aspiranet envisions a world in which all children and youth are loved and cared for and all families have the resources to thrive.

Aspiranet's Mission

To provide children, youth and families with a foundation of support and services so they can succeed at home, school and in their communities.

Aspiranet's Core Values

Aspiranet's core values define every decision we make and interaction we have. 


We approach our work with humility, honoring the experience, talents and perspectives of our families. We build on strengths and support them in achieving their vision of success.


We are trustworthy and reliable. Our actions are motivated by an unwavering desire to do what’s best on behalf of our families.


We strive to meet the needs of those in our care, embracing challenges, taking risks, and learning from setbacks. We are steadfast in staying the course in support of our families.


We are aspirational in setting ambitious yet achievable goals with our families, creating empowering solutions side by side, during challenging circumstances.

Aspiranet's Leadership

Aspiranet is governed by a board of directors comprised of leaders from across California. Vernon Brown, Aspiranet’s CEO, was also the original Moss Beach Homes social worker. Aspiranet embraces innovative ideas and is constantly adapting to the needs of its clients.

Strategic Executive Team

Vernon Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Jeannie Imelio

Chief Operating Officer

Laurie Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

Grant Lee

Chief Human Resources Officer

Melek Totah

Chief Financial Officer

Divisional Programs

Mike DeRose

Behavioral Health Core Division Director

Jyotti Pannu

Family and Community Services Core Division Director

Sharon Lawicki

Intensive Home-Based Services Core Division Director

Diane Warne

Resource Family (Foster Care and Adoption) Core Division Director

Luis Madrid

Transitional-Aged Youth Division Director

Media Contact

Jeff Rosenplot

Director of Communications


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