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Become a foster family. Call 877.380.4376.


My Name is Paula.

I'm in foster care.

But that’s just a small part of my story. I love sports. Soccer is my favorite. I play every chance I get. My life hasn’t always been easy. I used to be afraid of joining a team in case my teammates didn’t accept me. But because of the support of my foster family, I have a safe place to call home. And I have the confidence to do the things I love most.

When you hear people say “foster kid,” don’t skip the most important part. We’re kids. And we need families just like yours. 

Foster Care Resources

If you are a current Aspiranet foster parent or are thinking about becoming one, click the link below to access resources to support you, including forms, helpful links, trainings, and much more.

Become a Foster Family with Aspiranet

Children in foster care did nothing wrong to get there. Every foster child is unique, but the common thread that connects every experience is trauma. When a child has to be removed from their home, the reasons can be anything from abuse to neglect. Aspiranet’s Foster and Foster-Adopt programs work with families who are able to provide a high level of care to these children and help ensure consistency and hope for them.

Aspiranet’s Foster and Foster-Adopt programs put the needs of each child first. When you open your home to a foster child, you’re giving them a safe and stable place to live. You’re giving them a place to call home, whether it’s for a short time or permanently. When you become a foster family, you’ll have the opportunity to build a relationship that can last a lifetime. And most importantly, you’ll give a child the greatest gift you possibly can… someone they can count on.

Each year in California, as many as 50,000 children, youth, and teens are part of the foster care system. Kids in your community need you. Can you help us help them?

Aspiranet's Foster-Adopt program was created to bridge the gap between a child’s initial need for temporary care and the long term need for a permanent home. Families interested in adoption start by fostering the child for a period of at least 6 months. Every situation is unique and the timeline for adoption varies. 

In most cases, the goal is to reunify the child with a birth parent or relative. When or if reunification is not viable, the child’s existing foster family is most often considered for adoption. When children cannot safely return home, foster parents can help with the transition to a permanent family or adopt. 

Children placed with families come from the Child Welfare System in California. Aspiranet needs families that are open to fostering children while actively supporting their relationship with their biological family. This can include contact with the biological family, supporting visits with the family, coordinating phone calls, and encouraging healthy interactions. The process to become an Aspiranet Family is the same for all families interested in fostering and adoption through foster care. 

Out-of-state, out-of-country, and home studies for private adoption are currently not offered by Aspiranet.


Adoption Through Foster Care

Become a foster family. Call 877.380.4376.

Requirements to Become a Foster Family

Aspiranet works with families regardless of ethnic background, education level, sexual orientation, relationship status (single, married, partnered), job status (part or full-time), or homeownership.

• Parent(s) must be 21 years or older
• Should have adequate space for a child in their home
• All adults over 18 must clear a background check
• Parent(s) must have a valid California driver’s license, DMV record, reliable transportation and proof of insurance
• Parent(s) will need to successfully complete Aspiranet foster parent classes, CPR and first aid classes, family interviews and     

   assessments, and a home inspection

REACH Adoption Support Program

FREE Post-Adoption Support Services and Resources Are Available!

Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, and San Benito Counties

REACH Adoption Programs

Steps to Become a Foster Family

• Fill out a short questionnaire on our website, call us at

   877.380.4376, or email us at
• A Family Coordinator will explain the process and answer all

   your questions
• Meet one-on-one with Aspiranet’s team
• Complete the online application documents
• Schedule and attend Aspiranet’s Foster Parent Education

• Pass a Department of Justice, FBI and Child Abuse Index

  background check, obtain certification in CPR and first aid,

  and DMV record
• A social worker will complete a home inspection and

• We’ll learn more about your family to find the perfect fit

How Can You Help The Most?

As few as 5% of the children, youth, and teens who desperately need to be placed in homes are able to do so. Aspiranet works with foster families to ensure every placement is the best it can be. Some families are very specific about the child they want to welcome into their home. 

If your family is looking for the way they can help the most, please consider fostering siblings, teens, or children with medical or emotional issues.

Foster Siblings

• Aspiranet tries whenever possible to keep brothers and sisters together
• Aspiranet needs families who will take in sibling groups

Fostering siblings can help make the transition to your home easier for the children


Foster Teens

• Teenagers need a stable home, no matter how old they are
• Make a significant impact on a foster teen’s life when they need it most

Fostering teens can be one of the most rewarding fostering experiences


Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)

  • Ideal candidates are a “professional parent”, someone with foster parent experience

  • Desire to learn additional parenting skills

  • Experience working with behavioral, emotional, or developmental needs

  • Healthcare experience for children with healthcare needs

  • A stay-at-home parent or someone with a flexible schedule

  • Being available for therapeutic and additional support services (WRAP, IHBS, TBS)

  • Additional training provided

  • Additional support services provided by Aspiranet

  • Families receive respite services

To learn more about becoming an

ISFC family, call 877.380.4376.

Foster kids with emotional or physical challenges need a special kind of foster parent. Someone with the skills to provide direct care, support, structure, and love. Someone just like you. 


When you become an Intensive Services Foster Family, you stay safe at home and are compensated over $2,600 a month. ISFC families are desperately needed right now. 

• Dedicated Social Worker provides weekly contact
• 24/7 on-call social worker support
• Helps secure medical, therapeutic and dental services
• Networking opportunities with other foster families
• Monthly reimbursement
• Families feel respected, supported and staff is always available

• All levels of care including Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)
• California licensed adoption agency, providing adoptions through foster care
• Staff has small caseloads, so there is more personal time for your family
• Statewide agency with 45 years experience
• Aspiranet gets to know your family so we can provide the best match for



Aspiranet Supports Families

Become a foster family. Call 877.380.4376.

Help Support Aspiranet's Mission

Your financial gift in any amount helps us make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and teens across California.

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