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Aspiranet's Residential program provides at-risk youth with trauma-informed therapy in a home-like setting.

Residential Services

About Aspiranet's Residential Services Program

Located on eleven quiet acres in the Central Valley of California, Aspiranet’s Residential program has served nearly four thousand youth from throughout California. Boys are referred to the center by the Department of Social Services, Probation Departments, Aid to Adoptive Parents and Child Protective Services.  Each young person comes to Aspiranet having experienced much chaos in their young lives. Many have experienced severe trauma and abuse and neglect. These scars and subsequent behavioral issues have prevented their success at home or in a foster home.

The Aspiranet campus and community homes provide a therapeutic setting where youth can work through the issues that necessitated their placement and rewrite their life story.  Caring youth care professionals provide for our youth day-to-day living needs. A high staff-to-youth ratio ensures that highly-trained personnel are available around the clock.  Youth care professionals are supported by activities staff, behavioral interventionists, TBS, on-site social workers and therapists, an aftercare specialist, and psychiatric services. Aspiranet Residential Services (ARS) is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Aspiranet Residential Services (ARS) is a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) that is trauma-informed and provides an array of services to children and young adults with significant behavioral, emotional, and educational challenges that preclude them from being successful at home, with a resource family or other less restrictive settings. Typically, youth placed at the ARS have a mental health diagnosis, present challenging behaviors such as chronic running away, defiance, truancy, assaultive behavior, delinquency and/or learning disabilities.

Click the video link to hear about Aspiranet's Resdiential program

We place our youth and their families at the center of our work and team with them to help them reach their goals.  Each child and family has a voice in treatment and we strive to support them behaviorally, culturally and spiritually while focusing upon their unique strengths.  The highly structured program provides youth with a safe place to work through their life issues.

We recognize that developmentally, youth don’t stand still while in treatment. While in residence youth have the opportunity to participate in activities of their choosing including, fishing, hiking, gaming, bowling, athletic teams, school-based activities, outings to various theme parks, arts and crafts, or working out in our gymnasium. During their stay, residents are exposed to new experiences. Going on day trips and overnight camping expeditions creates a unique bonding experience.


Youth often come to the ARS feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Our challenge is to help them create a brighter future. Youth graduating the program leave equipped to deal with the challenges they’re facing in life, with the disappointments that come from everyday living, and with a renewed vigor. Before leaving, residents place their handprints in the cement pathway that runs down the center of the campus as a symbol of their graduation and their renewed hope for the future.  It ties them to the Aspiranet family forever and serves as an inspiration for all who come after them.

Fast Facts


Youth in the juvenile justice system with at least one mental health condition


Youth benefit annually from Aspiranet residential services


Residential youth served since 1987

How You Can Help

Thousands of children in California are in need of a forever family. Can you offer a child a safe and loving home?

Your financial gift in any amount helps us make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and teens across California.

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