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Aspiranet's Behavioral Health Division provides mental and behavioral health services to at-risk youth and their families. 

Behavioral Health Services

About Aspiranet's Behavioral Health Services

Aspiranet’s Behavioral Health programs are the last step before psychiatric hospitalization or are the first step after being discharged. Other programs are designed to help individuals and families with less severe needs function more fully. Aspiranet provides a continuum of care for children, youth, and families, with the goal of bringing those with emotional and behavioral health issues hope and a path forward. 


Aspiranet’s Behavioral Health programs vary based on the severity of the individual’s needs and their level of risk. Crisis Stabilization and Therapeutic Behavioral Services are very intensive, short-term programs for children and youth at risk for institutionalization or incarceration. These programs deliver services in the child’s home, school and the larger community to help develop skills-based interventions that are tailored to the child or youth and family’s needs. A team of highly-trained professionals, including support counselors and clinicians, work with children and youth who have extreme behavioral challenges and mental health needs by teaching them such things as social skills, enhancing their self-esteem and learning how to manage anger. Aspiranet’s intervention often means the difference between successful social integration and moving into the criminal justice system or worse. 

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Aspiranet Behavioral Health programs offer Full-Service Partnerships, which are composed of a highly skilled and professional team of Parent Partners, Support Counselors, and Therapists.  Full-Service Partnership services are individualized, multi-systemic, and help families focus on not only the deficiencies that brought them to where they are but the strengths that can take them where they want to be. The program is aimed at helping families build the skills necessary for successful functioning in the home and community. Services are provided in the home, school, and community and are focused on improving the functioning of the youth in each of these settings. The purpose of these Full-Service Partnership services is to help clients with serious emotional disturbance live successfully in the least restrictive, most normal environment. 


A host of outpatient and school-based mental health services are also available from Aspiranet. All of our services are culturally, ethnically, racially, and linguistically appropriate, and respect and build on the strengths of the child and family. 

The goal of Aspiranet’s Behavioral Health programs is to teach and assist those with severe emotional and behavioral challenges to function with their impairment. Many of those we serve have contemplated or attempted suicide. After successfully graduating from these programs, there is a renewed sense of hope. Oftentimes, families are able to be reunited when there had been no hope of doing so. Children who can’t reunite with their families are able to thrive in foster care. 

Fast Facts

1 in 6

Adults in California with a mental health need


Youth nationwide who have had a severe mental health disorder


Children and families served annually by Aspiranet behavioral health staff

How You Can Help

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