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How long does it take to become an Aspiranet family?

It typically takes a family between three to six months to become an Aspiranet family. The time can vary depending on how quickly a family completes the requirements.


Can I provide input related to the children that I feel fit with my family?

Yes, Aspiranet works with each family to determine the best match between a child and family. It is important to remember that the majority of foster children are teenagers or siblings who sometimes have medical, emotional or mental health needs so it is important to keep an open mind around possibilities you may have not considered.  Aspiranet will assist you in building your skills to support children and youth experiencing challenges around transitioning and healing from trauma.


Will a birth family be involved while I am caring for a child?

Yes, in most circumstances, a child’s family remains involved with their child through supervised visits while he/she is in foster care. The first priority for most children in foster care is to be safely reunified with their families.  Many families improve their situation, allowing their children to return home. Your social worker will help you understand your role in supporting a child’s connection with their birth family.


How will Aspiranet help me if I am caring for a child with challenging behaviors?

Many of the children in foster care come with special medical, emotional, or behavioral needs based on their past experiences and trauma they may have encountered. When your family is asked to care for a child, Aspiranet shares all information available regarding the needs, behaviors, and habits of the child. 

Your social worker partners with your family and other adults involved with the child to determine his/her needs and then helps develop a plan that best addresses those needs. Some children will benefit from additional services and support, and your social worker can help identify needs and secure services.

Foster Care Questions and Answers

Learn how to become a foster family with Aspiranet!


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Become a foster family! Call 877.380.4376

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