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Healthy environments build resilience

Aspiranet’s short term residential treatment program offers critical support to youth in crisis, preparing them to be re-united with their families.

Our residential program represents the highest level of care that is available to children and youth in California. Over four to six months, each participant is fully supported through individual counseling, group counseling, psychiatric treatment and educational services in single family home settings.

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“Everyone deserves a chance to reach their potential, and I believe in my heart that with the right guidance and support our youth can thrive.”
— Christopher Essary, Residential Division Director

Our programs offer a structured, enriching, healing environment where children and youth in crisis can move forward with their head held high.

Safety is our number one priority, and all residents are expected to live up to a code of conduct that promotes mutual respect and responsibility for the daily routine on campus.

Experienced staff work to guide youth back to a healthy place where they can be responsible and trusted members of the community.

Before returning home to their families, our youth put their handprints in the cement pathway that runs through the center of the residential center, a symbol that they are graduating and moving forward towards a brighter future.

Fast Facts


Youth in the juvenile justice system with at least one mental health condition


Youth benefit annually from Aspiranet residential services


Residential youth served since 1987

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