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Fostering Love

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Pillers’ home is always alive with the energy of children. Along with caring for their two young sons and daughter, whom they adopted through foster care, they serve as a “receiving home” for children when they are first placed in foster care. In that role, they have welcomed nearly 100 children to their home.

Tim and Jenny Piller decided to look into adopting through foster care after trying for years to have biological children.

“There are so many children that just want someone to love them,” Jenny says.

The Pillers looked into four agencies before they decided to work with Aspiranet. They were attracted by the support that Aspiranet provides throughout the process and the team’s dedication to finding the right home for every child.

“Aspiranet wants every child to go to a safe home – they want them to be loved,” Jenny said. “They were very supportive, and they worked hard to make us feel comfortable. We really appreciate how flexible they were with us. I would recommend Aspiranet to anybody.”

After attending orientation classes with other foster and adoptive parents, the Pillers brought a two-day old infant into their home. Six months later, they began fostering a one-year old boy.

The second child wasn’t speaking or interacting with them, and they worried about his development. But after a few months, Tim said, “he just blossomed.”

“With fostering, it’s neat to see the children change so much. They come in scared sometimes, and to watch them grow and become part of a family, that’s extremely rewarding to us.”

Eventually, another child joined their family — a little girl.

“We fell in love with her the moment she came into our house, so that wasn’t a hard decision,” laughs Jenny.

“Every foster kid that comes into our house is part of our family,” says Tim. “They go on vacation with us. Whatever we’re doing, they’re doing. That inclusiveness gives them a sense of belonging and a sense of family.”

The Pillers have fostered dozens of children over the years, and they still enjoy relationships with many of them.

“Sometimes we run into them and they remember us years later, and come up to us and give us hugs!” says Jenny.


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