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  • Making the World a Little Better

    As a young couple with a toddler, Allegra and Joseph weren’t thinking about becoming foster parents, particularly for a teenager. But then they met Jamie. Jamie had been split up from her siblings and placed in a series of foster homes, attending 13 different schools. “We became foster parents to Jamie because we wanted her to have permanency in her life,” Joseph said. Allegra and Joseph loved Jamie unconditionally, helping her overcome her anxiety and…

  • A Miracle Out of Nowhere

    Veronica Morales, a housing specialist with Aspiranet’s Transitional Aged Youth programs, knows first-hand what’s it’s like to live on the streets. She spent much of her youth in foster care, and then when she became pregnant at 18, she moved out of her foster home and ended up living in her car with her infant son. “It was just survival every day,” she said. “That makes me think about every youth that I work with…

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