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  • Trusting Fate

    A chance encounter two years ago inspired Jennifer Goodrich to start a family through foster care. She was in a public restroom when she heard a woman crying, and soon discovered that what she heard were tears of joy. The woman had been overcome when her foster daughter asked her if she would adopt her and make their family permanent. Soon after, Jennifer made her way to Aspiranet, which was recommended to her by the…

  • A Beautiful Friendship

    The day Alondra first met the team from Aspiranet’s Intensive Home-Based Services Wraparound program, she wasn’t up for visitors. It happened to be her 16th birthday, and the team arrived at the motel room where she was staying with her parents and offered a cake and present. “I was like: I don’t want that;” Alondra recalls. “I don’t want a bunch of new strangers in my house wanting to know about me.” She softened a…

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