Help strengthen and heal families in Ventura County

As a Family Case Manager or a Youth Partner in Camarillo, you'll put your skills and your heart to work helping families every day. Remember why you became a social worker in the first place.  

Family Case Manager (Social Worker) in Camarillo, CA

As a Family Case Manager for Collaborative Educational Support (COEDS) in Camarillo, you’ll use your leadership skills to see that proper intervention plans are developed and implemented by the Child and Family team in the family’s home or community. Using respect and empathy, you’ll lead the team in providing child-centered, family-focused, and strength-based services directly to youth with extensive trauma histories. While spearheading the treatment team, you will see that the focus is on building stronger, safer, and more independent families and children. Reignite your passion for helping families in need by using your education and experience to make a meaningful difference in your community.

$1,500 Sign-on Bonus for Bilingual Social Workers! 

Do You Qualify?

  • Master's degree in social work,  psychology, or a related field

  • Registered with the BBS as an AMFT, ASW, or APCC

Do You Qualify?

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology or related field

  • A passion to work 1:1 with families to make a difference

Youth Partner (Support Counselor) in Camarillo, CA

As a Youth Partner in Camarillo, California, you will travel to your client’s homes or community setting to coach and guide at-risk youth to strengthen their foundation to thrive in daily life.  By building a strong, positive, caring relationship, you’ll create a safe space for your client to share and seek guidance during challenging times.  In our team-based setting, you’ll document and share the status and experiences of your treatment and intervention plans with other team members, which may include social workers, parent partners, program managers, and clinicians to provide the best support for the youth.  


Whether you are meeting with your client individually or in a family setting, you’ll build a trusting relationship with each of your clients. The flexible schedule allows you to meet with your 4-6 clients at optimal times. Just by the client knowing you believe in them, you become the catalyst that helps them improve.  You'll see your clients improve their anger management skills, increase their self-esteem, improve their social skills and increase their social connections, and improve their impulse control in order to maintain their placement, avoid hospitalization or juvenile justice involvement and strengthen their resiliency, relationships, and family connectedness.

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