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Help strengthen and heal families in Ventura County

Be part of a team making a difference in Ventura County. As a Family and Child Social Worker or a Parent Partner in Aspiranet's COEDS program, you'll put your skills and your heart to work helping families every day.  

Is Aspiranet Right For You?

Erica Rocklin, Aspiranet's Associate Core Division Director with the COEDS therapy program in Ventura County, talks about the kind of passion you'll find for your work with Aspiranet in Camarillo.

Family and Child Social Worker in Camarillo, CA

As a Family and Child Social Worker for Collaborative Educational Support (COEDS) in Camarillo, you’ll use your leadership skills to see that proper intervention plans are developed and implemented by the Child and Family team in the family’s home or community. Using respect and empathy, you’ll lead the team in providing child-centered, family-focused, and strength-based services directly to youth with extensive trauma histories. While spearheading the treatment team, you will see that the focus is on building stronger, safer, and more independent families and children. Reignite your passion for helping families in need by using your education and experience to make a meaningful difference in your community.

$1,500 Sign-on Bonus for Bilingual Social Workers 
$1,000 Sign-on Bonus for all other Social Workers

Do You Qualify?

  • Master's degree in social work,  psychology, or a related field

  • BBS clinical supervised hours available

Do You Qualify?

  • At least 4 years of real-life experience as a parent or primary caregiver who has advocated for your child's specialized needs

  • High school diploma or GED

Parent Partner in Camarillo, CA

Ida Carlson talks about the unique Parent Partner role with Aspiranet's COEDs program in Ventura County

Have you successfully supported your child through an IEP, probation, mental health, or social services? Are you comfortable sharing your journey with others? As a Parent Partner for Collaborative Educational Support (COEDS) in Camarillo, California, you will use your empathy, respect, and listening skills to help parents become the best they can be. While you spend time providing hands-on peer support and helping families navigate community systems and resources, you will remember the impact you have on the entire family when the parents feel supported and loved. You will contribute to the growth of every member of the family and support them as they thrive in their independent, healthy lives.

Do You Qualify?

  • Licensed LMFT, LCSW, or LPCC with BBS

  • Master's in Social Work or Psychology or related field

  • 2 years experience providing direct service to high risk youth in a related field/setting

  • MediCal documentation experience

$2,500 Sign-on Bonus

The Clinical Supervisor for the Collaborative Educational Support (COEDS) program in Camarillo and Ventura County, California, is part of a comprehensive school-based team that works together to support this high risk population in achieving their Social and Emotional goals outlined on their Individualized Educational Plan. The program team includes Family Case Managers, Parent Partners, and Youth Partners that work together to provide school and home based services to special education youth and their families. Our work is focused on building skills while teaching replacement behaviors for maladaptive habits that inhibit the youth’s ability to access their education. The team uses creative problem solving skills to support this high risk population and provides 6-10 hours of intensive home-based support to families each week.

Clinical Supervisor in Camarillo, CA

What's It Like
Working At Aspiranet?

Breanna Guerrero, an Aspiranet manager with the COEDS therapy program in Ventura County, talks about the collaborative and supportive environment you'll find at Aspiranet in Camarillo.

Aspiranet Camarillo Office

5284 Adolfo Road, Suite 100

Camarillo, CA 93012


Aspira means hope. We are a network of people moving hope forward across California.

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