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When there's nowhere left to go, we don't give up.

For students with behavioral and emotional issues that prevent them from remaining in their home school, Stanislaus Academy can be the answer.

Stanislaus Academy in Turlock provides an intimate school setting with a very low student/teacher ratio for students who aren't able to engage with the general school population. Located on the campus of Aspiranet's Excel Center, Stanislaus Academy creates a welcoming, safe, and secure setting for students with severe behavioral issues. Our highly-skilled staff looks at the whole child, including the challenges they have at home and in the community. We often provide basic necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, and food. Our single goal is to help students who have failed everywhere else succeed and eventually return to their school of origin with coping skills and a fresh outlook.  

Now enrolling new students! Call today
(209) 667-6415

Aspiranet's Stanislaus Academy provides a junior high and high school curriculum for students with behavioral and emotional challenges that are preventing them from succeeding in school.

Aspiranet's Stanislaus Academy is a fully-accredited school providing an alternative education experience for students with an IEP and who are not able to remain in their school of origin due to behavioral or emotional challenges.  Our staff supports our students' entire lives, both educational, as well as challenges in both their home lives and the community at large. Students are referred to Aspiranet's Stanislaus Academy through their school of origin. Our student/teacher ratio is very low and enrolment is limited. Call us today at (209) 667-6415.

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