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Transitional Aged Youth

The Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Program helps young adults who "age out" of foster care.

When a child is too old to remain eligible to stay in the foster care system, Aspiranet’s Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) program takes over. Because of the lack of consistency in many foster kids’ lives, they’re often lacking key skills that will allow them to thrive as an adult. Aspiranet’s TAY program helps former foster kids make the transition from care to independence.

Aspiranet’s TAY program provides all the necessities required for a young adult to start their independent life. Thanks in part to an ongoing partnership with Ashley HomeStore, TAY youth are provided with a furnished apartment, including a bed, furniture and everything else needed to make a house a home. Through ongoing classes, they receive employment and education assistance, help with resume building and a clear direction on where their path will lead. In California, roughly 3% of foster youth attend college. Aspiranet’s TAY program addresses these educational deficiencies by helping foster youth complete high school and prepare to enter college.

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“Helping a youth transition into adulthood is a big responsibility, and I’m grateful every day I get the chance to do it.”
— Samantha LaGrasse, Transitional Aged Youth Division Director

Aspiranet’s TAY program helps foster youth receive the level of support they may not have received throughout their lives. And because everyone has different needs, the program is individually tailored to each participant. Aspiranet’s TAY program helps former foster youth develop a strong sense of purpose. In many cases, TAY foster youth have never had someone who believes in them and pushes them to fulfill their true potential.

Aspiranet’s TAY program is the vital last step in a foster youth’s journey. And your generosity will help them succeed. Aspiranet’s TAY program is the final opportunity for kids in the foster care system to receive the help and mentorship so many of us take for granted. As many as 70% of eligible foster youth aren’t able to access TAY services in California. Your gift to Aspiranet’s TAY program extends the reach of our services and helps ensure California’s foster youth are given all the opportunities they deserve.

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