Home-Based Support Services for Children & Families in California

Intensive Home-Based Services

A proven model of family support

Aspiranet offers families a network of individualized resources that meet them where they are and take them on a journey to where positive outcomes are possible.

Research shows that services that are wrapped around the family are more effective than institutional care and can unlock positive outcomes such as better school performance, less hospitalization and fewer arrests.

Aspiranet services are provided in the home and in the community and are available when families need them – after school, in the mornings, and on the weekends. Aspiranet’s unique team approach enlists 3-4 advocates in guiding and supporting the entire family during their journey to improved well-being.

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“Families in crisis sometimes need a helping hand to reach higher ground. That’s why we are here.”
— Sharon Lawicki, Intensive Home-Based Services Division Director

Our services engage all members of the family, including relatives and non-relative extended family members, in changing behaviors that improve their relationships and promote growth.

Family members, caregivers, teachers and other service providers work together so children have opportunities to practice positive life skills and get involved in community activities.

Whether it is referring someone within the Aspiranet network, sharing community contacts on behalf of families, or educating policymakers on needed changes, we are dedicated to facilitating the best possible outcomes within our family support system.

The ultimate goal is to give children the tools and support network to live and grow successfully with their birth families, relative caregivers, or foster and adoptive families.

Fast Facts


Cases of child abuse and neglect in California per one thousand children


Families benefit annually from Aspiranet high level intervention and treatment services


Aspiranet team members per family work to create a robust system of support

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Thousands of children in California are in need of a forever family. Can you offer a child a safe and loving home?

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