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Family & Community

Strong foundations for healthy communities

Aspiranet Family and Community programs prepare children for their futures, strengthen life and parenting skills, and connect families with networks of support in their community.

We take a proactive, responsive, and forward-thinking approach to the growing needs of the communities we serve. We advocate with and for our families to ensure the necessary resources are available for their success.

We incorporate the Strengthening Families framework into our practices. Research confirms that families who have knowledge of parenting and child development, resilience, social and emotional skills, and social connections and support in times of need are able to thrive as strong families.

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“Serving communities and families is why I get up in the morning and what gives me incredible satisfaction.”
— Kathryn Davies, Family and Community Division Director

We help families develop these skills resulting in increased family stability, enhanced child development, and reduced child abuse and neglect.

Aspiranet community-based family resource centers offer individual family support, child development courses, parenting education, school readiness programs, and more. Our home-based visiting programs empower parents by helping them set and achieve goals for themselves and their families.

Aspiranet school-based programs improve kindergarten through third grade literacy, and equip underserved, middle and high school youth with the tech skills they need to be successful in today’s global economy.

We know that healthy families build healthy communities. Families can count on us to support them when they most need help.

Fast Facts

1 in 4

California children live in poverty


Families and youth benefit annually from Aspiranet early intervention and prevention services


Students reached through Aspiranet school-based programs

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