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Foster Kids Need You!

Foster kids with emotional or behavioral challenges need a special kind of foster parent. Someone with the skills to provide direct care, support, structure, and love. Someone just like you. 


When you become an Intensive Services Foster Family, you stay safe at home and are compensated over $2,600 a month. ISFC families are desperately needed right now. 

Go where you’re needed. Be their hero.

Call us now at 877.380.4376

Children and youth with a higher level of need require a specialized level of foster care due to behavioral, physical, developmental, or mental health issues. These children and youth are either transitioning from group homes into foster homes or are in foster care and have been assessed as needing additional services and support.


Aspiranet is an approved Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) provider in the communities we serve.


Requirements to Become a Foster Family

Aspiranet works with foster families regardless of ethnic background, education level, sexual orientation, relationship status (single, married, partnered), job status (full or part-time), or homeownership.

  • Parent(s) must be 21 years or older

  • Should have adequate space in their home for a child

  • All adults over 18 must clear a background check

  • Parent(s) must have a valid California driver's license, DMV record, reliable transportation, and proof of insurance

  • Parent(s) will need to successfully complete Aspiranet foster parent classes, CPR and first aid classes, family interviews and assessments, and a home inspection

Intensive Services Foster Families

  • Ideal candidates are a “professional parent”, someone with foster parent experience

  • Desire to learn additional parenting skills

  • Experience working with behavioral, physical or developmental needs

  • Healthcare experience for kids with medical needs

  • Stay-at-home parent or someone with a flexible schedule

  • Child has a higher level of need

  • Greater need for outside care (appointments, therapy)

  • Additional 12-hour training required

  • Higher level of reimbursement

  • Qualify as an approved ISFC Parent

  • Additional support services provided by Aspiranet

  • Families receive additional respite services

Call us now at 877.380.4376

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