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Our diversity of programs and locations provides you with the opportunity to connect with individual clients while also impacting services to children and families across California.

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Social Workers – Social workers provide case management services directly to children, youth and families. Social workers develop service plans and conduct assessments, home visits, and trainings to facilitate successful outcomes for children, youth and families.

Requirements include a Masters Degree in a discipline approved by the Department of Community Care Licensing, or a Bachelors Degree in a related field and two years casework experience with an exception granted by the Department of Community Care Licensing. Bilingual applicants encouraged to apply.

Clinicians — Clinicians serve at the center of the Aspiranet team and help develop strengths-based individualized treatment plans. Our process includes evidence-based assessment techniques to build realistic, positive behavioral goals. Clinicians help influence changes in behavior, the development of stronger support systems, and the building of new skills to strengthen youth and families.

Requirements include a Master’s degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy or Professional Clinical Counseling, and a minimum of two years experience working in a related field/setting (community based, social services, behavioral health, school based or residential setting).

Support Counselors – Support Counselors are on the front lines of behavioral health service delivery and have daily opportunities to meet with clients and family members. Support counselors meet young people at their most vulnerable times, build on their strengths, respect their voice and support them through challenges as they develop new and more successful coping skills.

Requirements include a BA or BS Degree in Psychology, Social Work, Nursing or a related field, completion of 45 college semester units in Psychology, Social Work, Nursing or a related field plus 2 full time equivalent years’ experience working with emotionally challenged youth, and the ability to work evenings and weekends.

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