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Foster Parent Recruitment – Spring 2018

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Aspiranet supports our families through every step of the foster care process. We connect children, youth, and young adults to safe, caring relationships that can last a lifetime. Becoming a Foster Family is not only rewarding but helps children and families thrive.

With over 50,000 children and youth in the foster care system in California, the need for your help has never been greater. One of the most urgent needs comes from teens in the foster care system, who make up roughly a quarter of all foster kids. For many of these youth, they’ve been in the child welfare system for years. Fostering teens provides its own challenges, yet the rewards for creating a stable, loving home are far-reaching. The difference you make in a foster teen’s life can have a powerful and lifelong impact on their future.

Aspiranet specializes in working with potential Foster Families to open their homes and hearts to siblings. The trauma of being removed from their homes is made worse when children and youth need to be separated from their brothers and sisters. Aspiranet provides intensive support for families with the capacity to foster siblings. Aspiranet knows that keeping families together provides a level of continuity and support they would otherwise be missing.

The need for foster care in California has never been greater. Aspiranet specializes in matching children and youth in foster care with loving homes and families that will help them grow, flourish and thrive. Find out how you can become a Foster Family today!

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Fall 2018 Foster PPC Campaign part one

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