Sharon Lawicki | Aspiranet Foster Care Adoption Mental Health California

Sharon Lawicki

Intensive Home-Based Services Division Director

Sharon earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology at UC Berkeley and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at California State University of Stanislaus. She has played a pivotal role in growing Aspiranet’s statewide Wraparound program and Intensive Home-Based Services Division. Since joining the staff in 1997 as a clinician in Aspiranet’s first outpatient mental health clinic for foster youth, Sharon has served in a variety of roles including social worker, Program Supervisor, and District Director. She is thankful to have had competent, compassionate and ethical supervisors throughout her tenure at Aspiranet.

“I am in awe of our passionate and committed staff who work tirelessly to help children and families improve their lives. Staff consistently embody a ‘do whatever it takes’ approach in helping youth and families overcome barriers that at first appear insurmountable. We have hope that our families can overcome anything in their path with the necessary resources and support. It is amazing to see their transformation when they achieve success in their lives and have a renewed sense of hope for their future.”

Provide a child with the love and support to thrive

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