Kathryn Davies | Aspiranet Foster Care Adoption Mental Health California

Kathryn Davies

Family and Community Division Director

Kathy earned a Masters in Public Affairs at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a Bachelors in Psychology, with a Minor in Business Administration from Worcester State College. She started her career working in a group home during her first year of college, and eventually became the director of a respite facility that supported families in the child welfare system.

Kathy’s professional experience is wide-ranging, having served as a case manager, written behavioral treatment plans, worked in quality assurance, and managed programs for children with trauma as well as adults with developmental disabilities. She joined Aspiranet in 2014, attracted by the organizational vision, the quality of staff, and the opportunity to provide services that strengthen families and communities and that reduce the incidence of child maltreatment.

“What I like best about Aspiranet is working for an organization whose vision is that all children should be loved and cared for. The core values that most speak to me are courage and hope. You need a lot of courage to overcome life’s obstacles, and hope enables you to envision a better future for yourself and for your family.”

Provide a child with the love and support to thrive