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Ashley Furniture Helps Youth Build a Bridge to Independence

Transitional aged youths (TAY) Aaron, Carolina, Warlys and Victoria don’t let their troubled childhoods growing up in the foster care system define them. In fact, they are determined to become more than a statistic. As part of the 10% of TAY who are attending college, they have big dreams and positive outlooks on life and look forward to what the future has in store for them.

These young adults have spent most of their teen years living in group homes and with resource families; however, with the help of Aspiranet, they now have homes of their own through the Transitional Housing Program Plus Foster Care Program. And with the generous help of furniture retailer Ashley Furniture, the apartment now feels like a home as the business gifted these young program participants with a majority of the furnishings any home needs: brand new beds, dressers, sofas and coffee tables.

On May 18th, 2017, Ashley Furniture hosted a Foster Care Month event in Downtown Los Angeles with the four TAY, along with Ashley Furniture executives, Aspiranet staff, and a representative from California Senator Holly J. Mitchell’s office. At the event, the young adults were given their new furniture sets and personalized care packages from local non-profit Tabitha’s Heart Gift. The youth were also presented with Certificates of Recognition from Senator Mitchell’s office.

The heartwarming event included an inspiring speech by Ashley Furniture Regional Manager John Santos who offered words of encouragement. But the most moving moments of the event were when Aaron, Carolina, Warlys and Victoria each shared their personal stories of life in foster care, their optimism for the future, and their gratitude for the love, support and gifts from the people in the room who are rallying around them to help them succeed.

Thank you to our valued community partner, Ashley Furniture, who has now donated more than 20 furniture sets to transitional aged youth of Aspiranet. Your gracious donations allow these young adults to live and sleep comfortably while they focus on their education and career ambitions.

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