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MOUSE California Student Tech Leadership

Encouraging students to reach their full potential

As technology rapidly changes and expands, it is even more necessary in society today to understand and be able to use technical and computer literacy skills. Young people are being met with the daunting task of remaining up-to-date on these proficiencies in hopes that upon graduating from school, they will be able to find and maintain a full time career. To assist in these constantly shifting times, Aspiranet has aided in implementing an innovative program called MOUSE California Student Tech Leadership. MOUSE is a technology education and training program that is being employed in underserved, upper elementary, middle and high school youth to develop necessary technological skills necessary to be successful in today’s global economy. For the past 8 years, MOUSE has educated students to broaden their knowledge through acquiring hands-on experience that will better prepare them to succeed in school and work. This program includes online problem solving curriculum modules, service learning projects, field trips to technology companies and interactive venues, and internship opportunities for high school youth.

Often times the money and budgeting for technical support in schools across the state is not priority and may even go ignored. MOUSE not only educates these students about technology, but also allows them to operate their own technical support execution in their own schools. More than 1000 students are being served through this program across the state of California and are on the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom, learning valuable information while instructing their peers. These students are gaining important educational, workplace, and life abilities that educators and employers have named as crucial measures in success. At Aspiranet, we believe in empowering every child to be the best version of themselves they can be, and the MOUSE program is supporting this mission.

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Student Tech Leadership

  • Provides youth access to technology education for today’s information society
  • Enables students to learn technology, problem solving, communication and leadership skills
  • Provides service learning and tech support to schools


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